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Green. Creative. Smart.
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Slovenia has a long tradition of combining experience and knowledge with innovation, creative thinking, and care for the environment. Under the slogan Green. Creative. Smart., Slovenia is emerging as a pioneer in innovation and creativity – two key factors behind Slovenia’s impressive economic growth and success.


Slovenia is renowned for its GREEN landscape, so it is not surprising its economy is geared towards protecting the natural and social environment. Indeed, Slovenia is at the forefront of countries transitioning to circular economy which focuses on sustainability, green technologies, corporate social responsibility.

Slovenia already has an advantage when it comes to transitioning to circular economy: its natural riches, a favourable geostrategic position, strong research 

institutions and technology parks, circular pioneers both in the business sector and in local communities and, above all, an informed and motivated population.

It is also one of the few countries that has guidelines in place to implement circular economy. Published in 2018, The Roadmap towards the Circular Economy in Slovenia introduces the ‘circular triangle’ model which unites three inseparable elements: circular economy (business models); circular change (government policies); and circular culture (citizens).

5th in the world for ecosystem vitality

Source: Yale University’s Environmental Performance Index 2020)

13th most sustainably competitive economy out of 180 assessed countries

Source: Global Sustainable Competitiveness Index 2019

Among the leading EU member states in the field of eco-innovation

Source: Eco-Innovation Scoreboard 2021


Focusing on sustainable development requires an economy to be CREATIVE and the quality of Slovenia’s workforce ensures that creativity is the backbone of its growing economy. Slovenia's workforce has a far reaching reputation for having a flair for technology and innovation due to a successful combination of a long industrial tradition and quality formal schooling. Indeed, Slovenia prioritises education, training and industry driven research to support its offering to the high technology and other high value added sectors such as information and communication technology, pharmaceuticals and life sciences.

Advanced technological solutions, highest quality production processes, spirited innovation and widespread ecological awareness in the greenest of Europe’s natural environments are firmly integrated in the development and production strategies of an increasingly large array of the ambitious, forward-looking Slovenian manufacturers.

28th most innovation-capable country globally

Source: WEF, Global Competitiveness Index 4.0, 2019

One of the leading Central European countries in patent registration

Source: Eurostat & European Patent Office 2020

Slovenians took 7th place in the world for proficiency in English language

Source: IMD World competitive yearbook 2021


In order to be creative, Slovenia's economy has to be SMART, too. Indeed, innovation is at the centre of the country's economic life for it is a critical component of its ability to remain competitive. The numerous efficient, high-tech globally recognised solutions, services and products help Slovenian companies gain a competitive edge in the world market.

Slovenia puts enormous focus on research and development: it has 4,200 researchers per 1 million people; while Slovenian Office for Intellectual Property receives on average one patent application per day. All this and more has earned Slovenia 30th place amongst the most innovative countries in the world.

Highly developed skills of the current and future workforce, taking 26th place globally 

Source: WEF, Global Competitiveness Index 4.0, 2019

5th most digital- and robot-intensive economy in the world 

Source: OECD Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard & Digital Economy and Society Index 2019

Slovenia's DESI ranking keeps improving - the current 11th is the country's highest yet

Source: Digital Economy and Society Index 2021


With their sustainable, innovative and smart solutions, Ambassadors of the National Campaign I FEEL SLOVENIA. GREEN. CREATIVE. SMART. significantly contribute to the recognition of Slovenia as technologically developed, creatively oriented green country, building its positive image and promoting its stable and cutting-edge business environment.

Duol is a world-renowned company in the field of designing, manufacturing and installing inflatable halls. Find out more.

JUB is the oldest producer of wall paints in Slovenia and the entire region. Find out more.

ELES plans, builds and maintains the Slovenian high voltage transmission network strategically, responsibly and sustainably on three voltage levels. Find out more.

Medex improves people’s quality of life through its innovative and natural food supplements based on bee products and other natural ingredients. Find out more.

Panorganix is developing into a leading agricultural business engaged in the processing and sale of fresh, high-quality produce. Find out more.

Domel is a global development supplier of electric motors, suction units, blowers and components. Find out more.

Lumar IG is innovative and development-oriented company and Slovenia’s leading producer of zero-energy prefabricated structures. Find out more.

Ljubljanske mlekarne is the first company in Slovenia to have closed its internal materials loop for Tetra Pak packaging. Find out more.

Planica Nordic Centre is national Nordic sports complex that raises Slovenia’s international profile in the sports and sports infrastructure fields. Find out more.

Equa is the innovative and creative company behind two brands: EQUA and GOAT STORY. Find out more.

Geneplanet is the leading European provider of innovative preventive health solutions based on genetic testing. Find out more.

Pipistrel Alpha Electro electric trainer is designed to produce 15-times less noise than a piston-engined aircraft and it is from biodegradable materials, it is simple to operate and complies with the highest safety aviation standards. Find out more.

Iskraemeco offers high-quality products and services that enable energy companies around the world to use energy efficiently. Find out more.

Alpina is a development-oriented company with an inspiring tradition that has been discovering new technologies and researching new materials since 1947. Find out more.

The Port of Koper is Slovenia’s only international cargo part and is therefore of strategic national importance. Find out more.

SETCCE has developed a wide range of digital transaction management products (e-signatures, e-invoicing, e-archiving). Find out more.

Ekoart Houses produces individual, high-quality solid wood houses for the most demanding customers. Find out more.

LOTRIČ Metrology is performing calibration, testing and developing technologically advanced but easy-to-use metrology products and solutions. Find out more.

With its 246-strong interdisciplinary and ethnically diverse team, Varis Lendava specialises in the production of individualised building modules. Find out more.

Elan is a global producer and supplier of sports equipment, leisure equipment and advanced composite components for the wind energy market. Find out more.

Akrapovič is a leading manufacturer of high-end exhaust systems for motorcycles and performance cars. Find out more.

Plastika Skaza is an innovative and rapidly developing company that manufactures products from plastic compounds. Find out more.

AV Living Lab is developing mobility solutions linking it with different industries, physical and digital infrastructure and the BTC City ecosystem. Find out more.

Iskra is a globally recognised provider of intelligent industrial solutions and high-end electrical and technical products. Find out more.

Hooray Studios, the Slovenian start-up of the year 2019, wants to become a market leader in the personalised children’s books market. Find out more.

Arctur is the stakeholder of the largest research project in the field of tourism in the Republic of Slovenia - Turizem 4.0. Find out more.

Optotek develops and manufactures optical laser medical devices for surgical procedures in ophthalmology. Find out more.

Donar is a manufacturing company with a 30-year tradition and one of the leading furniture companies with its sustainable planning strategy. Find out more.

TPV Automotive is a development supplier in the automotive industry. Find out more.

AquafilSLO produces and refines synthetic fibres for garments (sportswear, etc.) from PA6, regenerated PA6... – ECONYL and fibres for textile floor coverings. Find out more.

Podkrižnik is one of the leading European companies in the field of special propulsion technology. Find out more.

The vision of Magneti Ljubljana is to become a global manufacturer of durable metal magnets and magnetic systems on the global market. Find out more.

Paradajz’s heated and glass-covered growing area covers 90,000 square metres and produces 4,500 tons of high-quality tomatoes of various types each year. Find out more.

ACIES BIO is a development-oriented biotechnology company developing and marketing innovative biotechnology solutions. Find out more.

Biosistemika is a spin-off of the National Institute of Biology that operates in the fields of IT and biotechnology. Find out more.

Kronoterm has been a leader in the development and production of heat pumps in Central and South Eastern Europe for over 30 years. Find out more.

Marles hiše Maribor designs and builds state-of-the-art prefabricated buildings (SNEH) and investment facilities from sustainable materials. Find out more.

Fotona is one of the most experienced developers of high-tech laser systems through rigorous testing of all components and their manufacture within the company. Find out more.

Elaphe has created a new niche in the automotive industry with the system of in-wheel electric motors. Find out more.

Success stories

Explore other Slovenian companies with their top-notch quality products and services.


I Feel Slovenia. Green. Creative. Smart. is a national communications campaign of the I feel Slovenia brand in the field of economy. The campaign was launched as a result of the brand's success in raising Slovenia's profile and reputation in the international environment. It is intended as the complete and uniform promotion of Slovenia's economy in the competitive global market.

As well as being focused on sustainability, Slovenia's economy is customer-oriented, offering creative, innovative and accessible solutions both for individuals and for the society's overall long-term benefits.

The campaign highlights Slovenia's key competitive advantages in niche areas of the green economy, environmental technologies, robotics, mobility, digitization, development and research, and the creative industries.

By launching the communications campaign I FEEL SLOVENIA. GREEN. CREATIVE. SMART. with its unified application of communication and presentation tools, SPIRIT Slovenia wants to build on the overall international recognition of Slovenia and its economy abroad.

The communications campaign is financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund. More about the operation. 

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