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DOMEL: NZ270 HVAC motor family

July 2023
Domel is a global development supplier of electric motors, suction units, blowers and components.


  • the company is a global development supplier of electric motors, suction units, blowers and components;
  • it is a leading company in a number of key technology areas, such as universal vacuum motors, brushless DC blowers and brushless DC motors, including the most efficient permanent magnet synchronous motors;
  • Domel products, e.g. drives for electric vehicles, contribute to more energy efficient or carbon-free driving;
  • Domel motors power more than 300 million high-end devices and consumer devices worldwide;
  • the company has won awards for innovative and environmentally friendly products: the GZS golden award for the development of the NZ270 motor, the GZS golden national award for an electric bicycle drive in 2020.


  • motors from the NZ270 family are based on an electronically commutated technology;
  • they rank in IE5, the highest energy class, and significantly contribute to lower electricity consumption during operation;
  • the weight of the motors can also reach no more than 1/3 of typical, most commonly used asymmetric drives, so they are highly material-efficient;
  • instead of critical strategic materials, rare earth magnets, ferrite magnets are used in the NZ270 family of motors;
  • intended for use in ventilation systems and air-conditioning systems;
  • the motors are designed and manufactured in Europe.
Domel, ┼Żelezniki, Slovenia
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