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PODKRIŽNIK: E'dyn electric propulsion systems for vessels

January 2022
Podkrižnik is one of the leading European companies in the field of special propulsion technology.


  • founded in 2005, this family business is one of the leading European companies in the field of special propulsion technology;
  • the company offers comprehensive system solutions in the field of propulsion technology, mechatronic systems, hydraulic modules and precision metal and plastic semi-products;
  • it is the winner of the 2020 GZS Golden National Award for Innovation.

BREAKTHROUGH SOLUTION: E'dyn electric propulsion systems for vessels:

  • the company has been developing the E'dyn system for more than five years;
  • is a family of electric propulsion systems and engines used on different vessels on lakes, rivers and seas;
  • the systems are available in outboard, indoor and submersible versions, with high-performance engines of different power, while advanced batteries provide the vessels with long range;
  • for the company, the new product represents an entry into a new branch of the European market – nautics. For the first time, the company focused on the broad propulsion system, together with control, propulsion and power supply;
  • the system does not produce greenhouse gases, it is quieter during operation compared to internal combustion engines and is powered exclusively by solar cells.
PODKRIŽNIK, Ljubno ob Savinji, Slovenia
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