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MEDEX: Geleé royale

August 2021
Medex improves people’s quality of life through its innovative and natural food supplements based on bee products and other natural ingredients.


  • it is a pioneer of apitherapy, with a long and inspiring tradition dating back to 1954;
  • the company improves people’s quality of life through its innovative and natural food supplements based on bee products and other natural ingredients;
  • with its products, the company is present on more than 25 markets in Europe and around the world;
  • promotes the wider use of bee products, thereby increasing the awareness of the importance of bees for the environment and humans;
  • a leader in exploration of the basic knowledge of bee crops and development of innovative applied solutions for their use in food supplements;
  • closely linked to the development of beekeeping and a proud partner of global sustainable projects The Development of Beekeeping in Bangladesh and Ghana;
  • the first ambassador of World Bee Day and a great supporter of the bee-friendly world;
  • with a strong commitment to bring the best out of nature, supported by science.

BREAKTHROUGH SOLUTION: Geleé royale - from traditional use to clinically supported innovation of royal jelly-based food supplements to address the modern health challenges of today:

  • a clinical study confirming the positive effects of royal jelly on lipid profile, appetite, systemic inflammation and antioxidant capacity in asymptomatic overweight adults;
  • Medex has carried out a clinical study in collaboration with the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Primorska;
  • the most valuable treasure from beehives – royal jelly, supported by a clinical study, is a first in apitherapeutic research and thus increasingly closer to medical use;
  • systemic infections can lead to the development of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, fatty liver and cancer;
  • royal jelly has gained an important role in the field of prevention in terms of reducing systemic inflammation markers and restoring the balance of inflammatory processes;
  • royal jelly has a broad spectrum of action; from strengthening the immune system, improving brain functions, establishing hormonal balance and improving fertility to reducing systemic inflammation, which further expands the market potential.
MEDEX, Ljubljana, Slovenia
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