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ELAPHE: In-wheel electric motor system

August 2023
Elaphe has created a new niche in the automotive industry with the system of in-wheel electric motors.


  • an innovative, fast-growing company has created a new niche in the automotive industry with the system of In-wheel electric motors;
  • the company offers the full range of development of motor systems: from the concept, computer simulations, design and prototyping to validation of motors on test stations;
  • it has developed over 20 different electric motors, built into more than 60 different types of electric vehicles;
  • the company encourages development of electric mobility and reduced dependence on fossil fuels with a view to easing the burden on the planet;
  • in 2018, the company’s director, Gorazd Gotovac, received the Rising Star In Automotive Award from the prestigious Automotive News Europe journal, which hands out awards to innovators in the automotive industry;
  • in 2019, the company was awarded the I4MS Disruptors Award, which puts Elaphe simulation models at the forefront – they allow for easier optimisation of the characteristics of in-wheel motors through monitoring of the generated sound and vibrations.

BREAKTHROUGH SOLUTION: In-wheel electric motor system comprising a bicycle motor and electronic systems for the controlled driving of a vehicle:

  • make driving safer and more energy-efficient by communicating with each other;
  • motors are connected to high-tech electronic components allowing for effective bi-directional communication between control units and motors;
  • with highly modular technology, the concept of an in-wheel motor (with certain customisation) is suitable for a range of motor vehicles: scooters, bicycles, tricycles, and off-road vehicles;
  • due to the reduced number of traditional automotive components in the vehicle (gearbox, differential, driveshaft, etc.), the price of the vehicle is lower, while the quantity of free volume is increased, enabling the implementation of additional vehicle functionalities through the vehicle design;
  • simplifying the drivetrain reduces the number of vehicle components, which means a reduction of costs and a reduction of the time required to develop a new vehicle;
  • compared to other in-wheel technology providers, Elaphe ensures the highest torque in in-wheel electric motors (390 Nm/L) and the highest torque ratio: mass (65 Nm/kg), which ensures high torque levels at any given moment.
ELAPHE, Ljubljana, Slovenia
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