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BIOSISTEMIKA: PlatR Pipetting aid

January 2022
Biosistemika is a spin-off of the National Institute of Biology that operates in the fields of IT and biotechnology.


  • a spin off of the National Institute of Biology that operates in the fields of IT and biotechnology;
  • specialises in digitalisation and automation of work processes in particular for life sciences laboratories;
  • an interdisciplinary team of software engineers and life science experts develops and markets complex platforms and systems for managing databases and tools for work processes and cloud hosting technologies;
  • their partners are leading biotechnology companies;
  • one of the company’s major achievements is the acquisition of an EU project in the EIC Accelerator scheme (a European programme dedicated to breakthrough innovations), named DATANA.


  • it is an aid used in pipetting, one of the main routine processes in laboratory work;
  • by using PlatR in their daily routines, researchers save at least 30% of laboratory (chemical and biological) reagents that would otherwise be discarded; those are mostly environmentally harmful and expensive reagents that need to be treated properly when discarded;
  • the tool allows for 26.7% faster pipetting;
  • the pipetting aid works on the Samsung Galaxy Tablet PC;
  • the tool allows for a transition from an old, inefficient system of manual work to a sustainable, green, efficient and reusable system of operation.
Biosistemika, Ljubljana, Slovenia
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