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Why do business in Slovenia

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Why Slovenia? Slovenia’s excellent geostrategic position, at the heart of Europe, is one of its obvious advantages that is beneficial to investors. As part of the EU market Slovenia may serve as a springboard for overseas companies wanting to do business in the EU or on the Balkans, including Turkey, or in the countries of Eastern Europe. The location at the crossroads of TEN-T corridors is the ideal entry point for an instant access to European countries with more than 700 million customers. When considering the reasons why Slovenia can be your next potential business partner, note that it has all attributes needed to do business across the region: knowledge of language, customs and culture, as well as personal connections. Slovenia's green, creative and smart economy are the main differentiators and the answers to your question why Slovenia should be your business radar. 



Excellent geostrategic position with easy access to markets
Quality infrastructure
Stable export driven economy
Innovative, skilled and flexible workforce
Excellent knowledge of foreign languages
Long business and personal links in the regional markets
Low taxes
Fast & simple procedures
High quality of life

Slovenia’s reputation for having a long industrial tradition, good education system and extensive training has far reaching consequences and investors and businesses have been taking note. Ever since the late 1970s, foreign investors and businesses have cited Slovenia’s workforce as one of the country’s steadfast competitive advantages. The value added per employee continues to increase, ensuring that Slovenia remains at the forefront in highly competitive markets. To do so, having an excellent workforce would not be enough.

Hence, there are many other advantages to investing or doing business in Slovenia. Notably, the business-friendly legislation, investment incentives, 19% corporate income tax rate and investment tax allowance. This mix allows various industries to thrive in Slovenia, with many of them having a large footprint in international markets.

The ever-changing market demands require agility and adaptability, attributes often associated with Slovenia’s business culture. The restructuring of the country’s economy towards high-tech products and markets ensured that the country’s export remains competitive and that the gross value added continues to increase. The manufacturing companies lead the way, thanks to constant innovations, generating the highest gross value added (large manufacturers account for more gross value added than the large companies from other sectors put together). Slovenian society is based on knowledge and is the 13th in the EU in the field of digital economy and society and 8th in the EU for incorporating digital technologies in companies (DESI, 2021). No wonder that Slovenia is big in digital technologies: pioneer in artificial intelligence, big data analysis, data mining and block chain technology.

Slovenia’s strategy for the future remains on further increasing the value added in the high and medium-high technology industries: manufacture of vehicles and vessels, the manufacture of electrical and optical equipment, and the manufacture of machinery and equipment.

The focus is also on knowledge-intensive services that lead to manufacturing or technological innovations, sharpening the competitive edge of Slovenia’s manufacturing industries at home and abroad. The flagship industries include: electronics and electrical engineering, machine building, wood processing, food processing, healthcare and life science, hospitality and entertainment. 



AREA 20,273 km2
CAPITAL Ljubljana
POPULATION 2 million
& DOMAIN SUFFIX +386 / .si
LANGUAGE Slovenian, Italian
& Hungarian
(in ethnically mixed regions)

SLOVENIA. Green. Creative. Smart.

Slovenia - a land of infinite potential for your business. Benefit from Slovenia’s green qualities, creative talent and smart environment. Find out more about Slovenia’s green, creative and smart economy to grow your business.

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