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LUMAR IG: Lumar Zero Emission Living® concept

October 2020
Lumar IG is innovative and development-oriented company and Slovenia’s leading producer of zero-energy prefabricated structures.


  • an innovative and development-oriented company and Slovenia’s leading producer of zero-energy prefabricated structures;
  • the guiding principles of the company’s activities and development are sustainability, minimising environmental pollution, and energy efficient construction;
  • high-quality, energy-saving and sustainably constructed buildings are built using totally natural materials to create a healthy and pleasant living climate;
  • construction includes optimisation of the building as a whole – from insulation of the building envelope, implementation details and fixtures, to the selection of a suitable heating and ventilation system;
  • the company established itself as a pioneer of the passive building concept with its first passive house in 2007.

BREAKTHROUGH SOLUTION: Lumar Zero Emission Living® concept:

  • Zero Emission Living is a set of solutions that cover, comprehensively and holistically, all aspects that affect the way we live – from sound, air, temperature and natural light to building operating costs throughout the life-cycle, the use of renewable sources, etc.;
  • application of the concept resulted in the construction of the Primus model house, which received Active House certification.

Lumar active house:

  • built in accordance with “nearly zero energy” standards, which envisage a heat demand of less than 25 kWh/m2, very high energy efficiency, minimal operational energy requirements and a high proportion of renewables in the provision of the necessary operational energy;
  • can also be much more than just a house, like the Biosolaris house. It is a living organism that changes with the seasons, thanks to its green façade. The green façade system regulates comfortable living conditions in a natural way thanks to its own microclimate. Householders can arrange and cultivate the house’s envelope themselves and shape it according to their wishes. Biosolaris is a house for people who wish to maintain or re-establish contact with nature.

POINTS OF INTEREST: Electric vehicle charging with self-generated energy:

In cooperation with BMW Group Slovenia and the BMW i sub-brand, Lumar combines sustainable living and mobility by installing a solar power plant and energy storage modules in the house, which can thus become totally energy self-sufficient. The house’s own electric vehicle charging station is the dot on the i that completes an integrated story of sustainability.

LUMAR IG, Maribor, Slovenia
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