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GENEPLANET: Health Intelligence Platform

October 2021
Geneplanet is the leading European provider of innovative preventive health solutions based on genetic testing.


  • it is the leading European provider of innovative preventive health solutions based on genetic testing;
  • the company offers whole genome sequencing (WGS) to provide the most accurate information about genetic predispositions as soon as science detects them – without further testing;
  • the company has won an award for the best biotech startup in Central and Eastern Europe and was ranked among the 1000 fastest-growing companies in Europe;
  • the company cooperates with more than 500 clinics and hospitals around the world, as well as many insurance firms, companies and health and wellness centres.

BREAKTHROUGH SOLUTION: Health Intelligence Platform:

  • it is an interdisciplinary project addressing health challenges and the ICT sector;
  • a personalised platform combines genetic, blood analysis and lifestyle information;
  • the company has developed through the platform a type of service that has not yet been marketed: it is an innovative global solution based on the symbiosis of high-tech analytical and IoT services;
  • through integration of analytical data and data from personal wearable sensors, the platform provides the user with user services in the field of diagnostics, on-line monitoring and recommendations for a healthy lifestyle.
GENEPLANET, Ljubljana, Slovenia
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