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AKRAPOVIČ: Evolution Line exhaust system

May 2022
Akrapovič is a leading manufacturer of high-end exhaust systems for motorcycles and performance cars.


  • Akrapovič is a leading manufacturer of high-end exhaust systems for motorcycles and performance cars;
  • world-renowned as a highly innovative materials technology company for its pioneering use of titanium and superalloys and the development of ultralight components from composites such as carbon fibres and ceramic matrix composites;
  • products are designed and made by a highly skilled workforce of over 1,300 employees using the latest technology and manufacturing processes and the finest materials;
  • more than 100 world champions have won their titles using Akrapovič exhaust systems, which are famous for their enhanced performance, unmistakable sound, innovative design, light construction, quality workmanship and durability;
  • the use of light components contributes to reducing the weight of vehicles and consequently to lower fuel consumption and fewer emissions.

BREAKTHROUGH SOLUTION: High-tech and ultralight solutions to increase engine performance combined with superlative modern exhaust system design (Evolution Line exhaust system):

  • a piece of automotive art constructed from light titanium alloys that embraces and blends with the lines of the bike while maximising power from the engine and lowering the overall weight of the motorcycle;
  • the perfect functionality of the system makes it one of the flagships of the Akrapovič range;
  • Akrapovič won a prestigious Red Dot Design Award in the Product Design category for its titanium Evolution Line exhaust system for the BMW S 1000 RR.
Akrapovič, Ivančna Gorica, Slovenia
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