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LOTRIČ Metrology: Exactum and Trames smart measuring systems

November 2020
LOTRIČ Metrology is performing calibration, testing and developing technologically advanced but easy-to-use metrology products and solutions.


  • for almost three decades the company has been performing calibration and testing and developing technologically advanced but easy-to-use metrology products and solutions;
  • today the company and its subsidiaries bring together more than 160 experts in the field of metrology in seven different countries;
  • the company’s solutions are used by leading domestic and foreign manufacturers of measuring, pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment.

BREAKTHROUGH SOLUTION: Exactum and Trames smart measuring systems

Exactum system:

  • an innovative measuring systems solution;
  • a smart system for automatic control of temperature and other environmental parameters;
  • improves work processes in industry, healthcare, laboratories, warehouses, greenhouses, galleries, in transport and anywhere requiring controlled conditions;
  • the biggest customer segment is the medical sector (constant temperature control of vaccines reduces waste and thus pollution of the environment with chemical substances);
  • using the Exactum system, grain stored in Slovenia’s national commodity reserves is under constant control.

Trames system:

  • made from sustainable materials with no chemical impact on the environment;
  • allows connection to a 4.0 environment and warns users of any deviation from prescribed values.
LOTRIČ Metrology, Selca, Slovenia
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