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May 2021
Optotek develops and manufactures optical laser medical devices for surgical procedures in ophthalmology.


  • the company develops and manufactures optical laser medical devices for surgical procedures in ophthalmology in accordance with the ISO 13485:2016 and MDD 93/42/EEC standards;
  • the products of the company are highly technologically advanced and globally competitive;
  • Optotek, which has been operating for 31 years, owns seven patents, while another two are under validation;
  • the bulk of sales are carried out across Europe and the world, less than 1% of the turnover is accounted for by sales on the domestic market.


  • it is the first modern design diode-pumped therapeutic laser system for treating the eye with selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) on a worldwide scale;
  • in a non-invasive way, this method reduces elevated intraocular pressure in the condition of the eye called glaucoma, or green star;
  • the introduction of a new technology of diode pumping of a laser source results in a product that is more compact, has a longer service life than comparable products on the market and requires less material and energy to produce it;
  • the introduction of diode pumping into this treatment method has greatly improved the reproducibility of the procedure offered by this technology. In this way, the method has become safer for the patient;
  • the system represents a new milestone in the treatment of green star.
OPTOTEK, Ljubljana, Slovenia
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