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DONAR: Earth Collection

November 2021
Donar is a manufacturing company with a 30-year tradition and one of the leading furniture companies with its sustainable planning strategy.


  • a manufacturing company with a 30-year tradition is one of the leading furniture companies with its sustainable planning strategy and integration of design management into the company's processes;
  • in 2017, with the EU strategy and guidelines for transition to a circular economy, the company started restructuring production and reducing the number of employees in production and forming a research and development team;
  • the product line from recycled material was developed in 2017; product development was co-financed through the project Recycled Felt – The Material of the Future by the MGRT;
  • in 2019, the EU-LAC Commission selected the company as one of the examples of good practices of circular economy models and the integration of a sustainable business model within the EU and the LAC;
  • the ECENP European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform identified the operation of the company as innovative in EU circular models and presented it in 2020 as an inspiration for others to transform towards circular models within the industry;
  • the chair Nicoless (design primozjezastudio) from the Earth collection has won prizes and recognitions: Red Dot 2016, Design in 2016, EUIPO design finalist 2018, Green Design 2018, Innovation design 2019 selection, Interreg circular design of the year 2019.


  • a complementary collection consisting of several products. The most recognisable ones are: NicoLess, Collodi, the NicoLess backpack;
  • all products in the collection are made of recycled waste plastic containing up to 60% of recycled PET material;
  • from a short-lifespan product (a bottle), the company has created superbly designed and award-winning products with long service life;
  • for adequate strength and stability of the products, only temperature, pressure and the properties of the material shall be used in the process, without adding adhesives or binding agents;
  • 50 to 100 waste bottles are contained in the shell of each chair or the shell of a telephone booth;
  • with 1000 NicoLess chairs produced, the amount of plastic waste is reduced by 1000kg;
  • the products reduce the formation of CO2 emissions from combustion of plastics.
DONAR, Ljubljana, Slovenia
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