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PLASTIKA SKAZA: Bokashi Organko 2 (BO2)

February 2021
Plastika Skaza is an innovative and rapidly developing company that manufactures products from plastic compounds.


  • Plastika Skaza is an innovative and rapidly developing company that manufactures products from plastic compounds;
  • the company’s operations are sustainably oriented with the emphasis on the introduction of new technologies;
  • the company has received numerous awards and certifications, including a Golden Gazelle (2014), a GZS Outstanding Achievement Award (2015) and a German Industry Prize as a technologically advanced company promoting sustainable business strategies (2019). The company has also been a finalist for the Golden Thread employer of the year award;
  • through its use of recycled plastics, the company is having a significant impact on the development of a circular economy.


  • a composter designed for household organic waste. Waste ferments in it and can then be used as a base for compost, while the by-product of fermentation (liquid) can be used to water plants and for weed control and natural drain cleaning;
  • the composter’s functionality is complemented by outstanding design, for which the product has won a Red Dot Design Award and a BigSEE award;
  • BO2 is made from recycled polypropylene, which has reduced environmental indicators by 39.4%;
  • greenhouse gas emission from composting in BO2 is significantly less than in traditional composting. The volume of waste is significantly reduced, which also benefits municipal waste companies;
  • with this composter, the company is encouraging household users to embrace environmentally friendlier composting.
PLASTIKA SKAZA, Velenje, Slovenia
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