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EQUA: EQUA Smart water bottle

November 2021
Equa is the innovative and creative company behind two brands: EQUA and GOAT STORY.


  • the innovative and creative company behind two brands: EQUA and GOAT STORY. The EQUA brand comprises water bottles that encourage people to drink tap water. GOAT STORY creates a new coffee drinking culture with the help of the innovative GOAT MUG and the GINA “smart coffee instrument”;
  • the company is focused on development and is constantly on the lookout for new ideas focused on health and the environment;
  • GINA won a Red Dot Design Award in 2018 and a Good Design Award in 2019.


  • a combination of high-tech smart functions and elegant design representing a simple and innovative way to drink water;
  • the bottle has smart technology built into a base that lights up to remind users to drink regularly and uses a motion sensor and mobile app (Bluetooth) to track the amount of water drunk;
  • via the app, into which the user enters their personal parameters, the bottle calculates the user’s daily water needs and lights up to remind the user when to take another sip of water. It also notifies the user about their state of hydration;
  • made of stainless steel, the bottle has a double insulation that enables it to maintain its contents at the desired temperature;
  • EQUA encourages the consumption of tap water and reduces the use of plastic bottles, thereby reducing the environmental impact caused by single-use plastics;
  • through its functionality and outstanding design, the bottle raises awareness about protecting the environment, drinking enough water and using bottles as a fashion accessory.
GOAT STORY, Ljubljana, Slovenia
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EQUA, Ljubljana, Slovenia
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