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JUB: JUPOL Wellbeing interior wall paints

June 2021
JUB is the oldest producer of wall paints in Slovenia and the entire region.


  • it is the oldest producer of wall paints in Slovenia and the entire region. The beginning of the production of mineral paints in Dol near Ljubljana, where the company still has its headquarters, dates back to 1875;
  • the JUB group consists of 13 companies in Slovenia and Europe;
  • the company excels at modern, automated and robotised production, high productivity, environmental awareness, and focused production with all relevant certificates, modern energy regulations, state-of-the-art own product and information technology development;
  • today, the highly internationalised company exports products to more than 30 countries across Europe and the world;
  • the company has won numerous awards: the Green Mission Award, the Environmental Product of the Year, Product of the Year, Best Buy, Trusted Brand…

BREAKTHROUGH SOLUTION: JUPOL Wellbeing interior wall paints: JUPOL Antimicrob, JUPOL Clima control, JUPOL Eco Premium, JUPOL Thermo, JUPOL Bio silicate, JUPOL Bio lime:

  • wellbeing products contribute to the wellbeing of the consumers, to their health and to the environment;
  • with their innovative properties, paints represent a minor environmental burden;
  • JUPOL Antimicrob destroys and prevents further development of microorganisms by dissolving their membranes upon contact with the painted surface;
  • JUPOL Thermo has been developed mainly for structures where thermal insulation of the facade is not possible. In addition to saving energy, the system also reduces the risk of mould formation in the areas of thermal bridges;
  • the development of the JUPOL Thermo internal thermal insulation balancing mass system and final paint has won the Environmentally Friendly Product Award, handed out by EKOSKLAD in cooperation with the Finance newspaper.
JUB, Dol pri Ljubljani, Slovenia
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