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AquafilSLO: ECONYL® regenerated polyamide

October 2020
AquafilSLO produces and refines synthetic fibres for garments (sportswear, etc.) from PA6, regenerated PA6... – ECONYL and fibres for textile floor coverings.


  • the company produces and refines synthetic fibres for garments (swimwear, sportswear, etc.) from PA6, regenerated PA6 – ECONYL, etc., and fibres for textile floor coverings;
  • the group’s operations follow sustainable development guidelines regarding the planning of products according to circular economy principles, care for the environment, improving the supply chain, cooperation with local communities and employee well-being;
  • AquafilSLO, which is one of the centres of excellence for sustainable development and innovation within the Aquafil Group, employs more than 900 people at four sites;
  • the production process recycles materials that would otherwise end up in landfill, in the environment or sent for incineration (these include discarded fishing nets, used textile floor coverings, fabric waste and plastics);
  • the electricity used in the process comes exclusively from renewable sources. Surplus heat from the production process is used to heat the infrastructure of the nearby Atlantis water park and Millennium sports centre.

BREAKTHROUGH SOLUTION: ECONYL® regenerated polyamide:

  • ECONYL® regenerated polyamide is a unique sustainable material that has become the company’s leading product;
  • the production process is based on a model that transforms polyamide 6 (PA6) waste into a regenerated raw material;
  • the secondary basic material has the same characteristics as material obtained from primary sources and is used at Aquafil to manufacture 100% regenerated ECONYL® fibres;
  • the chemical properties of the material mean that the process can be repeated practically infinitely and used to recycle materials that would otherwise end up in landfill or the environment or be sent for incineration;
  • it is used in the products of global brands in the textile floor covering and garment sectors that are committed to the values of environmental sustainability and the circular economy.
AquafilSLO, Ljubljana, Slovenia
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