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ACIES BIO: SmartRoute for effective biotechnology process

July 2023
ACIES BIO is a development-oriented biotechnology company developing and marketing innovative biotechnology solutions.


  • ACIES BIO is a development-oriented biotechnology company with state-of-the -art laboratory equipment that has, for more than 15 years, been developing and marketing innovative biotechnology solutions aimed at improving people's lives and building a sustainable biotechnology-based future;
  • the company’s research and development activity focuses on development of innovative microbial technologies and bioproducts for sustainable food production and reduction of the carbon footprint in the chemical industry;
  • in the development of microbial strains and bioprocesses, the company combines the latest approaches of synthetic biology with knowledge of microbial physiology and directional evolution.


  • a comprehensive service for development of innovative microbial technologies is based on the company’s own technology platform and integrates all the key components necessary for the development of an effective biotechnology process; from the selection of the initial microbe to optimisation of production conditions and cleaning of finished products;
  • the service is used by leading biotech companies in various industries: from the pharmaceutical to the chemical and the agri food industries;
  • with the service, the company ACIES BIO has developed its own Whey2Value biotechnological process for the production of vitamin B12-enriched microbial biomass from whey waste on the basis of circular economy;
  • in the process, the byproduct, whey, is processed into high-value biomass used in the production of feed for livestock.
ACIES BIO, Ljubljana, Slovenia
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