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Success stories - companies in Slovenia

Best Slovenian companies, products & solution

Curious what defines success stories from Slovenia? Innovativness, determination and uncompormising work ethic best describe the philosophy of many Slovenia companies and individuals - the range of success stories from Slovenia is truly impressive. The NBA star player Luka Dončič, cycling champion Tadej Pogačar or philosopher Slavoj Žižek are just some of the familiar Slovene names in the global arena. Many Slovenia companies are equally extraordinary and recognised throughout the world for their top-notch quality products and services: Pipistrel's first serialy produced electric airplane, Dewesoft software products used for space exploration by NASA, Adria Mobil's state of the art mobile homes, Krka pharmaceuticals, Akrapovič's high-end exhaust systems for motorcycles and performance cars, or Ekoart's high-quality solid wood houses, just to name a few success stories from Slovenia companies. 

Advanced technological solutions, highest quality production processes, spirited innovation and widespread ecological awareness in Europe's greenest corner are firmly embedded in the development and production strategies of Slovenian manufacturers across diverse fields: from biotechnology, to mobility, construction and software solutions, are just some of the industries. The unique products created by Slovenes include the 35 mm slide frame, the perfume atomiser, alpine carving skis, the first hybrid yacht and the best-selling Talking Friends smartphone application. Among the success stories from Slovenia is also one of the world's computer superpowers, hosting supercomputer Vega, the first in a series of eight planned high-performance computing (HPC) centres in the EU.

Take a closer look at some of the success stories from Slovenia,  including the official ambassadors of the Slovenian economy.

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