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VIRS: A Golden Gazelle leaping over the River Mura

September 2019
Virs, a supplier of automated welding solutions, is the 2019 Golden Gazelle.

Gazelle: noun, (BUSINESS) – a fast-growing company with at least four years of sustained revenue growth. 

What is the best way to sustain high employment rates in this era of increasing automation? Specialise in providing automated industry solutions that increase automation rates. And that is exactly what the founders of Virs did – they upgraded the company from providing good ol’ welding and cutting equipment to developing robots for the welding industry.

But then the company got so good at it that the know-how of yesteryear just didn‘t cut it anymore. Virs started hiring and educating its employees with enthusiasm to handle the demands and growing appetite of Industry 4.0. Its R&D expenditure as a share of revenue is currently a whopping 10%.

Virs is proudest of two innovations in particular: the Robo-flex – an inexpensive and portable robot welding cell (adorable, right?) and the WeldCockpit – a software application for real-time monitoring and optimisation of automated welding processes. With this software you can even connect robots made by different manufacturers so that they can “link arms”, put their heads together, and do their best for you.

VIRS d.o.o., Lendava, Slovenia
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