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INTRA-LIGHTING: Illuminating Spaces for Illuminated Thoughts

August 2019
Bask in the light of Dawn or let Biba get your creative mojo on.

Intra-Lighting, a virtuoso of lighting solutions and the darling of designers, continues to dazzle with its brilliant creations, as attested by the cascade of awards in 2019. The Dawn luminaire’s “self-reliant aesthetics” convinced the expert juries at Good Design Tokyo, Good Design Chicago, and Red Dot. Although restrained on the outside, Dawn sets a soothing mood by emitting indirect and dispersed light, thus echoing the ambience of a morning dawn. The source of light is cleverly hidden under an elegant edge, leaving the luminaire's interior clean and revealing only a uniform diffused glow.

Biba’s light shone brightly this year too. This adorably tiny – yet powerful – pendant luminaire was awarded three notable accolades: the Good Design Chicago, the Red Dot Award, and the BIGSEE Product Design Award. Biba’s matching colour selection and unique petite form foster creativity and playfulness when creating compositions. The luminaire’s versatility makes it a perfect fit for minimalistic ambiences, ranging from private spaces to hotel lobbies. Don’t let the miniaturised design fool you – even a single Biba will spark productivity and joy! 

INTRA LIGHTING d.o.o., Šempeter pri Gorici, Slovenia
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