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TPV Group: Premium Function and Feel Door Check

November 2018
TPV's fully-integrated stepless door check for cars enables comfort while entering or exiting the car, and prevents needless damage in tight parking situations.

TPV Group is a state-of-the-art company with its core operations based in the automotive industry, operating as a development supplier on the global market. Its development goals are aimed to innovate new solutions within their skillsets. By introducing new materials and modern technologies, the company is creating environmentally friendly products using lighter materials.

One such product is the fully-integrated stepless door check for cars. The conventional equivalent in cars has just two positions, though there are numerous situations where these binary positions will work. Narrow spaces in parking lots, being on an incline, or situations with strong winds can make it difficult to enter and exit the vehicle. TPV Group’s product allows for any amount of hold positions, soft stopping, minimal door movement resistance, and easier opening. These features result in increased comfort while entering or exiting the car, and prevents needless damage in tight parking situations.

Other bonuses to manufacturers include its lightweight nature, easy mounting to doors, a high temperature resistance threshold, and a strong compatibility for vehicle side doors.

TPV’s fully-integrated stepless door check received a golden award at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as Public choice award for the best innovation of Slovenia’s National Innovation Awards 2018.

TPV Group, Novo mesto, Slovenia
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