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Further, the company has also begun developing in-house brands, like the Organko biological waste bin and Cuisine plastic kitchen utensils aimed at end-buyers.

The company’s own Cuisine range of kitchen utensils and home décor products are perfectly suited to contemporary homes and lifestyles, and includes a range of gift, party and branding products as well. The entire line, from entire table settings and service sets to accessories, is dynamic, highly colourful, even playful, adding a bit of design sparkle to everyday (and celebratory) household tasks and events. And Cuisine products are made in Slovenia, and are entirely melamine- and BPA-free (which means they’re good for everyone – producer, user, and the environment).

While we’re in the kitchen, their Bokashi Organico bucket for organic waste disposal also pays very close organic attention to the environment. Because an average 4-person family produces a large amount of organic waste on daily basis, which represents up to 30% of all household waste. But decomposition of the waste results in unpleasant odours, attracts insects, increases greenhouse gases and contributes to groundwater pollution. What’s Bokashi? Bokashi is a mixture of molasses (sugar and water) and natural beneficial microorganisms that initiates the fermentation process and prevents decay in the Organico bucket. After the fermentation process is finished organic waste retains all essential nutrients (especially nitrogen) that disappear with decay. As a result, the fermented organic waste is an excellent base for first quality compost.

At Plastika Skaza materials are of paramount importance, observing a very strict and precise  material selection process. The entire life cycle of the product is kept foremost in mind during the development process, employing new materials, techniques and technologies to make products like their Cuisine and Bokashi Organico lines entirely recyclable.

In addition to their own brand products Plastika Skaza produces parts and entire pieces for the furniture, automotive, electrical and home appliance industries. Thick-walled products made of polycarbonates like chair and table parts, various bins and containers; cabinet covers, component parts and casings and products for LCD screens; oven cooling fans and mounting brackets for bathroom radiators, coffee machine component parts, and component parts of refrigerators and washing machines are but a sampling of Plastika Skaza’s diverse and expert production.

More at: www.skaza.si  •  www.cuisine-skaza.com  •  www.bokashi-organico.com

Plastika Skaza d.o.o., Velenje, Slovenia

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