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Metronik: Smarten Up Your Industry with MePIS Software

November 2020
The fourth industrial revolution is underway, and business will have to adapt. Metronik, an innovative provider of automation and digitalization solutions for the life sciences and manufacturing, ensures that companies stay on the cutting edge of their respective industry.

Metronik has been co-creating the shop floors of the future for over 30 years now. The fast-growing company has developed a set of software solutions for the digitalization of manufacturing called MePIS, which enables life science and other enterprises to improve their production processes, while achieving full data integrity and regulatory compliance. MePIS solutions enable users to cope with various production challenges, such as process optimization, increased agility and flexibility, and enhanced product quality and safety.

One of the key solutions in the MePIS software suite is MePIS RM – an advanced solution for central recipe management. In layperson’s terms, a recipe is a set of instructions given to production equipment for each production phase of a certain product, or for different products. Back in the day, this required a lot of time-consuming and error-prone manual data input. MePIS RM digitalizes all steps of recipe preparation, approval, and download to the production equipment, and enables the secure electronic exchange of recipe data between users and machines. In this way, users can establish comprehensive process control, which translates into more cost-effective and faster manufacturing, reduced product deviations, and less resource waste.

The pace of development of Industry 4.0 may be relentless, but Metronik is keeping pace thanks to, among other secret ingredients, its in-house R&D unit and a sturdy sustainability policy. The company was awarded the 2020 Business Star of the Year, bestowed by Delo, Slovenia’s largest newspaper publisher. Without a doubt, Metronik’s star will be shining brightly in the future too. 

Metronik d.o.o., Ljubljana, Slovenia
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