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KNAUF INSULATION: Urbanscape® Green Solutions

January 2022
Greener, Healthier Environments

What do insulation and green environments have in common? Far more than you might imagine. Turns out Knauf Insulation’s rock mineral wool insulation proves both highly effective and versatile, as it’s the perfect growing medium for green solutions – from apartment blocks to factories, office buildings and more. Urbanscape® is the blanket term for a range of new innovative products, concepts, and systems for Urban Green Infrastructure, including Green Roof Systems and Green Walls.

Green roofs – in urban environments in particular – boast a handful of big benefits: they look great, serve as excellent insulation, are easy to install and maintain, and represent a state-of-the-art natural stormwater management tool. So, both the environment and residents’ alike benefit. Our Green Roof Systems can be installed on any type of roof construction – concrete, steel decks, wooden decks, inverted roof constructions and more. And thanks to the 12 sedum varieties available, users can enjoy a range of colours and flowers in the summer months.

A Green wall or vertical garden is a garden that is turned sideways. It is not found anywhere in nature, but with the right tools it can be done with tremendous success. With a Urbanscape Green wall the overall beauty of the spaces is accented. An outdoor to indoor transition can be achieved, herewith creating an open and pleasant environment.

High profile Green Roof solutions and concepts have been installed around the world, from Dubai and Tokyo to Stockholm and Washington DC.

Knauf Insulation d.o.o., Škofja Loka, Slovenia
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