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ISKRATEL: Connecting Click-to-Fit

June 2021
Iskratel Innbox modem is simple and easy to upgrade for access to IP services, while preserving the harmony of design.

This past spring saw Iskratel bring home a prestigious red dot design award for their new and highly innovative Innbox product line. The Innbox comprises devices that provide the user with broadband connections over an optical network, while offering a rich set of telecommunications services, which include triple-play IP-services (the internet, telephony and IPTV) as well as conventional cable TV (CATV). 

The recognizable design of the new product line – designed for GDS by lead designer David Cugelj with co-designer Miha Črtalič – was carefully planned with the aim of resolving many functional problems with the installation, connection and maintenance of such products. 

The Innbox housing is designed in a such a way as to allow the various modules to be installed separately, and to be combined by using a simple click-to-fit system. This way the end user can freely choose from among different modules without any technical support, thus reducing overall service connection costs. And the highly flexible design provides fast and simple connections; further, the design of the housing is ready for new versions of the Innbox modem. 

"We wanted to make the Innbox and the entire product line distinctively different, and incorporate the rich experience our company has gained in fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) access technology. Compared to other access technologies, such as VDSL, the cost of a fiber-optic connection in the home is far higher – so the entire design approach and construction was aimed at cost reduction. In addition to its attractive design, the new products provide for highly innovative yet simple building of FTTH networks” offer Gregor Smolej and Uroš Habič, CPE product managers at Iskratel. 

"Due to its neutral design, the Innbox modem is an unobtrusive element in the user's workplace or home. Combining various modules makes it possible to create a device with a harmonious design in all its functional forms. Compared to other products, this modem is simple and easy to upgrade for access to IP services, while preserving the harmony of design” says Rok Jenko, Creative Director at GDS. “And bringing together the design, technical, technological and construction skills of the GDS design studio together with Iskratel's development department” says David Cugelj, lead designer at GDS, “paved the way for this award-winning device”.

Iskratel, d.o.o., Kranj, Slovenia
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