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Minimally Invasive
Unlike conventional oral surgery techniques, dental lasers enable soft-tissue treatments without the need for a scalpel or sutures. Surgical procedures are precise, bloodless and pain-free thanks to the simultaneous coagulation effect that occurs during laser-tissue interaction.
Today, using a single high-performance laser instrument makes hard-tissue dental procedures faster and easier to perform – with reduced need for anesthesia. And with no uncomfortable vibration or noise, both patients and practitioners experience maximum satisfaction and comfort. Similarly, Fotona’s patented TouchWhite™ Tooth Whitening procedure is the fastest, gentlest and minimally invasive laser-assisted tooth whitening treatment available.
Similarly, Fotona’s latest innovative solutions have led to the development of entirely new, minimally invasive gynecology treatments, from gentle ablative to non-ablative thermal treatments. These treatments provide greater patient comfort, less downtime and quicker healing, haemostatic effect with simultaneous disinfection, high tissue-selective precision, and many treatments don’t even require anesthesia.

Forever Young
Today, the collective desire to look and feel young has created an enormous market for anti-ageing treatments. Recent developments in laser technology now deliver a longer lasting and scientifically proven method of restoring the natural beauty of the skin. Unlike traditional treatments such as dermabrasion and chemical peels, the unique characteristics of laser skin resurfacing allow more accurate and precise control over the treatment process.
The latest generation of surgical lasers also offers treatments that are faster, safer and less invasive, from minimally invasive aesthetic surgical treatments to clinical surgical procedures. Fotona aesthetic lasers deliver innovative solutions for a wide range of aesthetic treatments, including skin resurfacing & rejuvenation, veins and vascular lesions, pigmented lesions & tattoo removal, permanent hair reduction, and much more. Fotona Er:YAG lasers provide the practitioner with the widest possible range of skin rejuvenation treatments, including collagen remodeling, skin tightening, light peels, and similar.

Excellence in Training and Support
By establishing the Laser and Health Academy, Fotona has partnered with world-leading clinical experts to provide medical practitioners with a platform on which to develop professional growth. Fotona customers receive access to professional workshops, individual training sessions, hands-on demonstrations, as well as participation in international clinical studies and scientific symposiums. Fotona is also a founding member of the EU Competency Center for Biomedical Engineering, and of the EU technology platform Fotonika21.

More at: www.fotona.com.

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