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ELAN Voyager: The Revolution Continues

May 2021
High-performance folding skis

Elan shook up the world of skiing yet again this past spring, with their launch of the world’s first folding all-mountain ski, the Elan Voyager. Now you can simply toss your dedicated Voyager ski bag into the car or on the plane (or train, bus), and take it just about anywhere you like.

Because Elan’s latest Voyager high performance, folding, all-mountain skis fold up (or down) to under 1 meter. Yet the Voyager is ready to handle anything a demanding skier could want from a ski – excellent response, stability, and edge grip –without compromising any performance whatsoever.

The secret is Elan’s revolutionary Connect Technology, which employs a highly advanced proprietary four-axis interlocking mechanism. Completely unaffected by snow and ice, they are designed to withstand years of use and an unlimited number of fold & lock repetitions.

The Voyager also features Amphibio technology, which integrates both a forgiving rockered outside edge and a cambered inside edge for precision, edge grip, and stability.

The skis, which are available in 160, 166, 172-cm lengths (which pack down to 87, 89, 93 cm respectively), have stirred up a whole lot of excitement and recognition, picking up prestigious awards: Red Dot “Best of the Best”, Plus X, the ISPO Gold Winner Award, and the Gold National Innovation Award from the awards committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia.

Elan d.o.o., Begunje, Slovenia
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