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Chairs abound – every kind of chair one might imagine, and then some: directors chairs, office chairs, chairs for conferences and bars; chairs for home, for children, for special applications and more. Their Keep it Simple chair boasts precisely adjustable armrests, exquisite wood and natural materials that are soft to the touch. And when you’re in the mood for something a little different, simply change its clothes, which are secured or removed with just the touch of a magnet.

The Beatnik Room-In-Room is a readymade solution for open-plan offices, co-working spaces and large interiors ensuring audiovisual privacy for meetings, web conferencing or good old private contemplation. Integrated video displays can be used for presentations and conference calls, while the BOSE sound system ensures a superior audio experience. And the Design Beatnik was designed by Gigodesign, one of the leading design agencies in Central Europe.

The Katedra office desk, made from fully recyclable Kerrock, features a large white surface that leans on a solid wood block that mimics stacked beams. It has three push-to-open drawers and boats a large working surface with a built-in wireless phone charger – no more cables, more room for creative work. Katedra exemplifies natural elements, high technology and refined design working seamlessly together.

Donar actually helps companies achieve better working efficiency by helping create a healthy working environment, one that respects correct sitting postures and provides each user with an ergonomically enhanced, dynamic working experience. And committed dedication to three key values – health, good design and effective ergonomics – impresses users and award juries alike, earning them the prestigious red dot award, as well as awards from the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and many more.

Donar practices a dynamic commitment to finding and developing innovative design solutions that reach beyond the things we know and are (only too) used to; that produces products everyone can believe in – and even have a little fun at it. And together with contract partners like Herman Miller and Ahrend, Donar delivers the best of quality ergonomic furniture experiences, anywhere.

More at: www.donar.si.

Donar d.o.o., Ljubljana, Slovenia

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