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PIPISTREL: Alpha Electro electric trainer

June 2023
Pipistrel is the world’s leading producer of ultralight motor gliders and gliders with auxiliary motor, with a distribution network that covers all continents.


  • a company that is shaping the present and creating the future of aviation;
  • the world’s leading producer of ultralight motor gliders and gliders with auxiliary motor, with a distribution network that covers all continents;
  • with its revolutionary ideas, Pipistrel introduced composite technology to ultralight aviation and set new milestones in aviation with the first flights by fully electric two- and four-seat aircraft;
  • there are currently more than 200 Pipistrel aircraft flying in 100 countries;
  • Pipistrel is distinguished by its green and environmentally friendly propulsion solutions;
  • Pipistrel holds 10 world glider records, its aircraft have completed two record-breaking round-the-world flights, it is a three-time winner of the NASA Green Flight Challenge, it was the winner of the 2011 Lindbergh Electric Aircraft prize for best electric aircraft and has won numerous other awards;
  • current development projects of the Pipistrel group of companies include VTOL cargo aircraft and air taxis and a 19-seat emission-free hydrogen fuel cell powered passenger aircraft.

BREAKTHROUGH SOLUTION: Alpha Electro electric trainer:

  • designed to meet all aviation safety standards;
  • for it, Pipistrel has developed: its own batteries, engine, battery management system, charging control, an intelligent control system that helps the pilot manage fuel, and a custom-designed fast charger;
  • the aircraft is designed to produce 15 times less noise than a piston-engined aircraft, is built from environmentally friendly biodegradable materials, is simple to operate and has a built-in parachute to save aircraft and crew in an emergency;
  • all components are made in Slovenia.


Cooperation with NASA researchers

Researchers at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center in California are testing several Pipistrel electric propulsion systems that are otherwise used by Pipistrel for its Taurus Electro G2 production aircraft. NASA is testing the systems in order to verify options for the development of a new experimental electric aircraft.

Cooperation with flight training schools

Major flight training schools (e.g. Air France) are already choosing environmentally friendly Pipistrel aircraft to train their pilots.

PIPISTREL, Ajdovščina, Slovenia
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