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AEROSOL: Revolutionizing Carbon Measurement

August 2021
Particulate matter (PM) in the air has an enormously adverse impact on human health and earth’s climate. Carbonaceous aerosols (CA) represent the largest and often dominant fraction of PM2.5 particles and today draw increasing attention in the scientific community. High levels of PM in the air is one of the five greatest health risks worldwide.

Research into the real-time measurement of light-absorbing aerosols began in Berkeley, CA in 1978, which soon produced the first Aethalometer; and in 1986, an Aethalometer started measuring aerosolized Black Carbon at the South Pole Observatory. That same year the Magee Scientific Company was established to further develop the instrument and make it available to the aerosol research and monitoring community. Thousands are now used on all 7 continents, from the Amazon to the Sahara, from Spitzbergen to the South Pole.

In 2007, the Magee Scientific company founded the Aerosol company in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Since then, it has been developing and manufacturing Aethalometers and other Magee Scientific instruments – including the revolutionary CASS. The Magee Scientific Carbonaceous Aerosol Speciation System (CASS) is a scientific instrument that measures the carbon content (4 types) of suspended aerosol particles in near-real time.

Today, Aerosol employs more than 30 people, many of them researchers leading a highly skilled research and development group with decades of collective experience. The company’s Aethalometer AE33 (part of the revolutionary CASS) is the main instrument used for measuring black carbon on a global scale. And products like the AE33 are sold to partners and environmental agencies involved in measuring air quality all over the world.

Aerosol d. o. o., Ljubljana, Slovenia
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