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The robot show

Ljubljana's robotics fair is the sole event of its kind in the region: not a coincidence, since Slovenia boasts one of the most robotized industries in the world.

In February Ljubljana hosted the 19th edition of the IFAM- Intronika -Robotics trade fair with 74 exhibitors from eight countries. It is not a coincidence that the only event of its kind for the region of Central and eastern Europe is hosted by Slovenia. With a density of 284 robots per 10,000 employees Slovenia has the world’s 11th most robotized industry – right behind the USA. According to the latest report of the International Federation of Robotics, published in January, the European average is 136, while the EU’s average is 208 robots per 10,000 employees. Several Japanese companies – including Yaskawa – have chosen Slovenia to be their European manufacturing base.

The majority of the exhibitors at the fair were regional representatives of major companies specializing in the production of robots and various components for product line automation. Notably, renowned names such as Fanuc and Yaskawa were prominently featured. Several Slovenian engineering companies present at the fair offer integral solutions for the automation and digitalization of production processes. Infotrend, based near Ljubljana, for example, develops software for smart factories.

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