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New investments and acquisitions
Carthago's new plant in Ormož / Photo: Carthago

Pharma companies Novartis and Sandoz remain the number one foreign investors in Slovenia.

Pharma remains to be the most attractive Slovenian industry for foreign direct investment. In the next three years, Sandoz plans to invest 400 million euros in a new plant to produce biosimilar drugs in Lendava. Last year, Novartis invested 245 million euros in production facilities in Ljubljana and their Biocampus in Mengeš. Slovenia has thus become the corporation’s largest global manufacturing site for ingredients in biologic drugs.

Two other important investments from 2023: German luxury motorhome maker Carthago invested 50 million euros in the manufacturing plant in Ormož in northeastern Slovenia. The global tire and rubber giant Goodyear completed their investment of 94 million euros into the expansion of their facilities in Kranj. Other investments planned for this year or the near future: the home appliances maker BSH plans to build a new 80 million euro factory in Nazarje. Two German companies, small electric motor producer EBM Papst and heating, cooling, and sanitary system manufacturer Herz also plan to construct new plants.

Two important acquisitions: British Volution Group bought a stake in the innovative developer of ventilating systems iVent, one of the fastest growing Slovenian companies. Electronic component producer FTA Šentjur became part of German TQ Group in March 2024.

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