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Goodyear Slovenia Expands Production Facilities
Goodyear Slovenia's plant in Kranj, north of Ljubljana. / Photo: Goodyear

The Slovenian branch of the global tire and rubber manufacturing corporation, Goodyear, has successfully completed an investment worth 94 million euros to expand its factory in Kranj.

With the addition of two new buildings equipped with cutting-edge production lines, the company has significantly increased its capacity to manufacture larger tires, now capable of producing an additional 1.8 million units per year. In total, Goodyear Slovenia, which produces tires for brands such as Goodyear, Dunlop, Fulda, Sava, and Debica, has manufactured 7.6 million tires. The robust sales for 2022 reached 286 million euros, representing a substantial 15 percent increase compared to the 2021 figures. This expansion marks a significant milestone for Goodyear Slovenia as it solidifies its position as a leading regional player in the tire industry.

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