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Austrian Investments Dominate Slovenian Market
Cargo Partner's modern logistics center at Ljubljana's airport was significantly expanded in late 2022. / Photo: Cargo Partner

Austrian investments account for nearly one quarter of Slovenia's total foreign direct investments, with their value exceeding 4.5 billion euros.

Austrian investments have emerged as the dominant force in Slovenia's business landscape, accounting for nearly one quarter of the country's total foreign direct investments with their total value exceeding 4.5 billion euros. Among the noteworthy partnerships is Interenergo, an electricity trader and one of Slovenia's 15 largest companies. Since 2009, Interenergo has been a part of the Austrian Kelag group, expanding its operations across markets spanning from Germany to Greece. Austrian Cargo Partner operates a logistics center at the Brnik airport, one of the largest and most modern in the country. Another prominent player is Porsche Slovenia, the second-largest car trader in Slovenia. Austrian telecommunication operator A1 has secured its position among Slovenia's top 50 companies. In a recent move, Austrian RH Magnezita, a global leader in refractories, acquired Seven Refractories, an innovative specialist supplier of monolithic refractories used in various furnaces, kilns, and reactors.

Austria is Slovenia's fifth-largest export market, with 3.6 billion euros in 2022. Exports to the northern neighbour grew by a staggering 39 percent last year. However, the relative importance of the Austrian market is slowly diminishing. Twenty years ago, 14 percent of Slovenia's total exports went to Austria. Last year, this percentage dropped to 7 percent.

Austria's proximity to Slovenia plays a crucial role in fostering economic ties between the two nations. Cultural familiarity also contributes significantly, as the historical connection between Slovenia and Austria stretches back almost a millennium within the Hapsburg Empire. Despite the success of Austrian investments in Slovenia, the opposite remains relatively minimal. Slovenian investors have directed less than 100 million euros into Austrian ventures. By contrast, Slovenian investments in the countries of the former Yugoslavia exceed an impressive 5.5 billion euros.

Exports to and imports from Austria, in billion EUR

Source: Source: Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia
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