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Slovenian start-up wins Design Europa Award
RemigoOne, the world's first fully integrated electric outboard motor. / Photo: Remigo

Remigo, a young Ljubljana based company, is the winner of this year’s prestigious Design Europe Award for its unique integrated electric outboard motor RemigoOne.

Remigo, a young Ljubljana based company, is this year’s winner of the prestigious Design Europe Award with its electric outboard motor RemigoOne. It is a unique product, as it’s the world’s first fully integrated solution consisting of an electric motor and battery all in one. 

The jury emphasized that RemigoOne is intuitive, lightweight and easy to operate. The organizers of the awards, the European Union Intellectual Property Office, received over 700 applications from all over the EU for the three award categories: Remigo won in the category of Small and Medium Enterprises. 

Earlier this year the young company also won the Green Product Award: the hosts described RemigoOne as a “nautical sensation” and pointed out that it is a “user-centered product, robust, built to last and requiring less maintenance”. The contest is run by the Berlin-based Green Future Club.

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