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Slovenia invests in the renewal of the railroad
Slovenian Railways / Photo: Kristjan Stojakovic

Slovenia spends most of its money on modernising its rail infrastructure.

The construction of the second track between Koper and Divača is Slovenia's largest infrastructure project. Work has begun after decades of preparation. By the end of last year, the construction companies had completed all the viaducts so that EU funds could be drawn down. The government wants to speed up the work by giving priority to applications from Turkish workers to work and stay on the project.

Construction of a new passenger centre in Ljubljana began this year, while no start date has yet been set for the renovation of the Ljubljana railroad junction. The Slovenian state is also renovating several other railroad stations. The renovation of the station in Nova Gorica is estimated at 62 million euros, the renovation of Jesenice station at 139 million euros and the renovation of Krško station at 47 million euros.

In addition, the modernization of the Maribor-Sentilj line, in which EUR 287 million is being invested, will be completed this year, and the modernization of the Primorska line from Ljubljana to Divača will continue and is scheduled for completion in 2027; a further EUR 673 million has been earmarked for this.

The Ministry of Infrastructure plans to invest 373 million euros in public railroad infrastructure this year, compared to 14 million euros last year.

Construction of the eastern tube of the Karavanke tunnel has been delayed due to lengthy procurement procedures. Preparations for the construction of the third development axis, a highway connecting Carinthia with south-eastern Slovenia, are also making slow progress. DARS (Highways Company of the Republic of Slovenia) has budgeted € 63 million for the third development axis this year (€ 37 million last year).
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