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Opportunities to contribute to the reconstruction of Ukraine

Ukrainian, international and Slovenian experts discussed the opportunities for Slovenian companies to participate in reconstruction projects in Ukraine and to form new partnerships between Ukrainian and Slovenian companies. The aim of the event, which was attended by more than 100 people, was to create a platform for cooperation between Ukrainian stakeholders and Slovenian companies in the reconstruction of Ukraine.

Addressing the discussion on reconstruction in Ukraine, Minister of Economy Matjaž Han stated that the main goal is for Ukraine to recover and create the conditions for peace and a future it deserves. He stressed that Slovenian companies can help with this. Slovenia supports Ukraine's efforts to strengthen the rule of law and create a competitive environment for investment. The Ministry of Economy will identify all companies that can help in Ukraine's reconstruction efforts and forward the list to the Ukrainian government.

The Ukrainian ambassador to Slovenia, Andriy Taran, emphasised that although Ukraine is still at war, its leadership is looking to the future. The war had destroyed 50% of the country's energy capacities and a large part of its civilian infrastructure. Ukraine is facing massive reconstruction efforts and the country is counting on the help of its partners, including Slovenia, he said.

A special representative of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry disclosed energy and railroad infrastructure, residential and public buildings, demining, health equipment and services as the most important tasks for reconstruction. The economy must also be rebuilt, he said, and presented a subsidy programme for foreign companies wishing to invest in Ukraine.

Trade in goods between Slovenia and Ukraine reached a value of 322 million euros last year, with Slovenian exports accounting for 253 million euros. Pharmaceutical products and electrical machinery accounted for more than half of exports.

The event, which offered new insights and approaches to recovery, as well as interesting discussions on specific mechanisms for sustainable and inclusive reconstruction in Ukraine, was jointly organised by SPIRIT Slovenia Business Development Agency, the Ministry of Economy, Tourism and Sport, the Embassy of Ukraine in Slovenia and the Institute for Strategic Solutions (ISR).

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