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Google Partners with Slovenian Science for Quantum Technology Center
Google's Quantum Ai campus in Santa Barbara, California. / Photo: Google

US tech giant Alphabet has forged a collaboration with Slovenia's scientific institutions to establish a cutting-edge quantum technology center.

The initiative aims to offer a comprehensive PhD program that encompasses both theoretical and experimental aspects of various subjects in modern quantum physics. These subjects will span a range of areas, including quantum computing, quantum nanostructures, and new materials. Known as the Quantum Future initiative, this joint venture is set to commence in the upcoming fall season. Participating students will have the unique opportunity to conduct their research in leading European quantum technology laboratories located in Germany, France, Switzerland, and Slovenia. The Slovenian government, University of Ljubljana, and the Josef Stefan Institute are providing crucial support for this initiative. Additionally, Google Quantum AI and Slovenia's Nanocenter, a center of excellence in nanoscience and nanotechnology, will play pivotal roles in offering scientific expertise to drive the success of the project.

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