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German investors put Slovenia in first place in CEE
Photo: AHK, Marko Delbello Ocepek

According to the recent survey by the German Chamber of Commerce Slovenia offers the best investment conditions among 15 nations in Central and Eastern Europe.

“An exceptional success.” These were the words of Dagmar von Bohnstein, the president of AHK Slowenien, representatives of the German Chamber of Commerce in Slovenia, describing the results of Slovenia in AHK's 2024 annual survey. 

Slovenia replaced Estonia in first place as the most preferred investment destination in the region. The main advantages recognized by the German investors are the business environment and infrastructure. The survey highlights:

  • strong local R&D support
  • the quality of the suppliers, and 
  • a high level of payment discipline. 

Other key advantages are well developed traffic and communications infrastructures. The report also points out the level of automatization and digitalization of the local industry, including the implementation of artificial intelligence in the working processes. That partnerships in the automotive industry and other manufacturing branches are well established with decades of cooperation is also a positive factor. 

The report however includes some severe warnings. The investors are generally unsatisfied with the government’s unpredictable economic measures and policies. Employment regulations are perceived as too rigid and taxation as too high. The second most attractive investment location in the region is Poland, ahead of the Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, and Slovakia.

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