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Celje: excellent location and longstanding industrial tradition
Photo: STO, Jošt Gantar
The advantages of Celje, the third largest city in Slovenia: an excellent location near the Baltic- Adriatic corridor, a longstanding industrial tradition, and a geographic position in the fertile Savinjska valley.

Celje, the third-largest town in Slovenia, enjoys an excellent location midway between Ljubljana and Maribor, with easy access to major motorway and rail connections that link the Adriatic Sea with Austria and Hungary. It's no surprise that Celje has a rich history as a prominent trading and industrial hub

The town is the hometown of some of Slovenia's major companies. Engrotuš (TOP300: rank 18) is one of the country's largest retailers. Kovintrade (TOP300: rank 38) is one of the most important European metallurgy traders and capitalizes both on Celje's strategic location and on its proximity to one of Slovenia's top steelworks, Štore Steel (TOP300: rank 66). The largest manufacturing company in Celje is Cinkarna Celje (TOP300: Rank 45), a 150-year-old establishment known for its focus on titanium dioxide products and its status as the largest chemical company in Slovenia. Established in 1844, Zlatarna Celje (TOP300: rank 93) is one of the leading jewelry manufacturers in Europe. Cetis (TOP300: rank 196) is an industry leader in the highly demanding field of security printing

The fertile valley of Savinja, where Celje is nestled, also serves as a hub for food production. Celjske mesnine (TOP300: rank 131), specializes in meat products, while Celjske mlekarne (TOP300: rank 188), is one of Slovenia's top dairy companies. Notably, the region is renowned for its high-quality hops production. The nearby town of Laško is home to a brewery that is part of the Heineken group and is recognized for producing some of the best beer in Slovenia.

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