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Best Slovenian start-up of 2023
Tomaž Bizjak and Matija Gatalo, the founders of Re.catalyst, Slovenian start-up of the year 2023 / Photo: Start:up Slovenia

This year's selection of the best Slovenian start-ups includes companies developing revolutionary fuel-cell tech, an award-winning app activity tracker, communication devices used in space exploration, a voice communication messaging app, and organizational diagnostics.

The goal of ReCatalyst, winner of this year’s Start-up of the Year Award, is no less than “to revolutionize the energy landscape of the future”. Hydrogen and proton exchange membrane fuel cells could play a critical role in the decarbonization of energy and transport – yet the technology relies on expensive and scarce platinum, which is used as a catalyst. The new nano-based material developed by ReCatalyst “reduces required platinum by 50 percent while improving both the efficiency and durability.” This summer the young company got 1.7 million euros of investments from German, Austrian and Slovenian funds.

Gentler Stories is developing an activity tracker app emphasizing “a self-compassionate approach to exercise, where recovery is as important as intensity.” The solution won Apple Watch App of the Year award in 2022 and was featured in tech and business media like Forbes and Wired. Paradigma Technologies develops and produces extreme high frequency (mm wave) communication devices for satellites. The company has been selected for the first batch of the Cassini Business Accelerator program, created for nurturing young European space tech enterprises. Experts from various areas joined forces within Quantifly to offer better organisational diagnostics. Woice is an async voice messaging tool combining voice recording and automatic transcription in 23 languages.

The Start-up of the Year Awards took place in late May and is hosted by the independent platform Start:Up Slovenija.

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