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Slovenia drops below top ten in World Energy Trilemma Index

Ljubljana/London, 23 April (STA) - Slovenia has dropped slightly in the latest World Energy Trilemma Index of the World Energy Council (WEC) and finished just below the top ten countries.

Slovenia places 11th in the 2023 index, which is two spots lower than in 2022, the Energy Industry Chamber announced on Tuesday.

Its score has dropped to 78.4 points in 2023 from 78.8 points two years ago, when it took 9th place.

The WEC measures three trillemma dimensions - energy security, energy equity and environmental sustainability - with Slovenia having progressed in environmental sustainability, receiving a score of 77, compared to 75.4 the year before.

Slovenia has meanwhile regressed in the other two dimensions, receiving 69.1 in energy security (69.4 in 2022) and 93.8 in energy equity (94.4 in 2022).

Ivan Šmon, the president of the Slovenian national WEC committee, said that Slovenia, like many other countries, faces challenges and opportunities brought by the world energy trilemma.

"Its success in dealing with these challenges will depend on the effectiveness of policies, ability to adapt to new technologies and cooperation with international partners," he added.

Šmon thinks that Slovenia could play a major role in its region, as it can be an example of good practice and an innovator in the energy transition.

The World Energy Trilemma Index continues to be topped by European countries, with Sweden and Denmark sharing the first spot, followed by France and Switzerland.

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