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Business news in Slovenia

Petrol up 1.8 cents, diesel 1.5 cents cheaper

Ljubljana, 22 April (STA) - The price of regular petrol sold outside the motorway network will go up 1.8 cents to EUR 1.56 per litre on Tuesday, while diesel will be 1.5 cents cheaper at EUR 1.527. The last time diesel was cheaper than petrol was before the Covid-19 pandemic, the Economy Ministry said on Monday.

The prices of fuel are regulated only outside motorways, while the prices at petrol stations along the motorway network can be set freely by the retailers.

While excise duties will remain unchanged, the ministry assessed that, absent any regulation, a litre of regular petrol would have cost around EUR 1.622, diesel 1.602 and heating oil EUR 1.267.

The prices outside motorways are calculated every two weeks based on a method that takes into account global fuel prices and the dollar-euro exchange rate.

The latest price change also affects heating oil, which will be one cent cheaper, at EUR 1.170 per litre.

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