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Business news in Slovenia

Permitted state incentives for R&D investment being raised

Ljubljana, 26 April (STA) - The government has raised the ceiling values for state incentives for investment in research and development and innovation, adopting a decree earlier this week that brings national provisions on state aid in line with 2023 changes to EU rules.

The new maximum incentive is EUR 55 million per company, up from EUR 40 million, as pertains to investment into predominately basic research.

For investment into predominantly industrial research the ceiling is being raised from EUR 20 million to EUR 35 million, for predominately experimental research from EUR 15 million to EUR 25 million, and for investment into research infrastructure from EUR 20 million to EUR 35 million.

Moreover, for incentives for investment into innovation clusters the maximum value has been raised by EUR 2.5 million to EUR 10 million, for innovation for SMEs it has been doubled to EUR 10 million, and for process and organisation innovation it has been raised from EUR 7.5 million to EUR 7.5 million.

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