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Contractor for key road to Koper port selected

Ljubljana, 26 April (STA) - The national motorway company DARS has chosen construction companies CPK and Kolektor CPG to build a long-awaited Sermin road on the outskirts of Koper that will connect the Sermin junction - where vehicles leave the motorway to enter the expressway - with the port of Koper. The EUR 9.4 million investment is to be completed in 2026.

The decision on CPK and Kolektor CPG's joint bid is not yet final, as the other bidders that applied for the deal in February could still lodge complaints.

DARS received five bids, also from Croatia's GP Krk, which would build the road for EUR 10.1 million, Gorenjska Gradbena Družba (EUR 10.3 million) and Pomgrad (EUR 10.4 million).

The fifth bidder, Asfalti Ptuj and Colas Hrvatska, which would build the road for EUR 16.7 million, was rejected as unacceptable, shows a posting on the public procurement portal.

This is just the latest in a series of investments designed to reduce traffic around the city of Koper and improve transport connections with the port of Koper.

The municipality of Koper has been eagerly awaiting it as the new road will significantly reduce freight traffic in the city.

The road will also cut travel time for lorries travelling to and from the port.

As a result of the new investment, there should be less congestion on the Bertoki road and the overhauled Bertoki entry to the port, which opened in 2021.

At Sermin, a new entry to the port was opened in 2019, and a new terminal for 203 trucks, build by Kolektor CPG, last January.

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