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Business forum

New partnership trends for a more competitive EU
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We invite you to the first business forum New partnership trends for a more competitive EU, organized by SPIRIT Slovenia Business Development Agency and Managers' Association of Slovenia at the Slovenia House in La Villette Park.

The Slovenia House in La Villette Park will be a place of numerous business events during the Olympic games. We invite you to visit and enjoy a concise and delightful menu of inspiring business networking, all flavoured with the unique excitement of the Olympics. Join us for an unforgettable experience and discover why Slovenia is the perfect blend of green innovation, smart solutions and creative excellence.

Here are some compelling reasons to explore Slovenia:

  • Slovenia is the third most industrialized country in the EU, with a strong commitment to sustainability.
  • Our economy ranks 11th globally in complexity.
  • 80 % of our GDP comes from exports.
  • We host one of Renault's most efficient factories.
  • We are forging a deep aerospace partnership with France.
  • The first International Research Centre on Artificial Intelligence under the auspices of UNESCO was established in Ljubljana.
31 July 2024
Paris, France
Slovenia House, Park La Villette

The automotive industry accounts for more than 7% of the EU gross domestic product. Discussions will take place with eminent national and international business representatives on what the EU needs to do to become more competitive and what regional and global partnerships are needed to successfully manage our common European industrial policy. The conversation will focus on mobility, but the answers will be common to the future of the wider European industry, which is highly developed but faces many challenges in the global race with its competitors. Slovenian companies are an important part of European industry and need to make an ambitious contribution to its resilience and to forging partnerships for our common improved competitiveness.


  • HE Mrs. Metka Ipavic, Ambassador, Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in France
  • Rok Capl, Director of SPIRIT Slovenia Business Development Agency
  • Enzo Smrekar, Vice President of the Olympic Committee of Slovenia

Event moderator: Petra Juvančič, Executive Director of Managers' Association of Slovenia


  • Benjamin Krieger, Secretary General of CLEPA - European Association of Automotive Suppliers
  • Jean-Luc di Paola-Galloni, Valeo Group Corporate Vice-President for Sustainability and External Affairs, Vice-Chairman at European Road Transport Research Advisory Council (ERTRAC)
  • Stephan Neugebauer, Director of Global Research Cooperation at BMW Group and Chairman of the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council (ERTRAC) (tbc)
  • Iztok Seljak, Director of Hidria Holding, President of the Managers’ Association of Slovenia

The discussion will be moderated by Tanja Mohorič, Managing Director of GIZ ACS - Automotive cluster of Slovenia



  • AUTOMOTIVE CLUSTER OF SLOVENIA - a business association of Slovenian automotive suppliers
  • ATLANTIC GRUPA - one of the leading food companies in the region
  • BKS BANK - an Austrian bank with more than 100 years of tradition, which as a branch has been successfully operating on the Slovenian market for two decades
  • BORZEN - a key player in the energy sector in Slovenia providing support for the production of electricity from renewable sources and high-efficiency cogeneration
  • HIDRIA - Slovenian global company in green future mobility solutions, designing and producing core parts of hybrid/electrical vehicles' e-motors and steering systems
  • HRM ONE - consultancy focused on human resources management and leadership development
  • LAW FIRM STAMENKOVIČ AND STRMČNIK - the law firm focused on concluding transactions at the national and international level by providing specific legal advice in various areas of law
  • MANAGERS' ASSOCIATION OF SLOVENIA -  association connecting more than 1200 Slovenian managers and supporting the development of management in Slovenia
  • MEDIANA - Slovenia's leading market and media research partner, helping clients understand people and the broader market and media landscape
  • O28 COMMUNICATION GROUP - a Europe-based strategic communication agency dedicated to supporting clients achieve sustainable business success through co-creating inspiring stories
  • ONITEX AUTOMATIONS - company specializes in manufacturing filling, capping, and labeling machines, as well as automated lines for various industries
  • PDP LOGIS - logistics services
  • RESALTA - a leading energy services company in Central and Southeastern Europe, helps clients improve their energy efficiency and decarbonize their operations, thereby reducing their environmental impact
  • SALUS GROUP - complete distribution, promotion and active sales services as well as value added services necessary for the medicinal product, dietary supplement or medical device to be placed on the market
  • SIEMENS - 100% owned by the Siemens AG corporation, our core business is sales, after-sales support and service for the entire portfolio of Siemens products and solutions
  • SUPEROS FUND MANAGEMENT - managing of alternative investment funds 
  • TENZOR - one of the leading companies in the Adria region in the field of integration of individual technical systems into comprehensive solutions for managing risks, ensuring security and optimizing operations
  • TRGO ABC - Trgo ABC Sales and Service Centre Koper is one of the largest Slovenian car dealers

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