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Gala event

FDI Award Slovenia 2019
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The award ceremony for the best foreign investors in Slovenia is one of the most important business events in the country.

Tuesday, 26 November 2019
Brdo pri Kranju, Slovenia
Congress Centre Brdo




Creative evening with powerfull talks

With the awards to the best foreign investors – FDI Award Slovenia, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia aims to praise the outstanding contributions of foreign investors in the Slovenian business environment. Foreign investors are vital in the creation of new posts and added value, as well as in the research and development, new technologies and regional and international expansions. The awards are granted to the most successful companies with foreign capital, which expand their operations and increase the number of employees in Slovenia, promote innovative and SMART solutions. The awards render honor to foreign owners, Slovenian employees, as well as their suppliers and customers, who are the essential building blocks of their success.

The awards, which have been granted by SPIRIT Slovenia since 2006, complement the broader Slovenian strategy aimed to attract foreign direct investment, which falls within the priority areas of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and the entire Government of the Republic of Slovenia.

SPIRIT Slovenia, public agency

What is SPIRIT Slovenia?

The mission of the public agency is to safeguard the competitiveness and the promotion of the Slovenian economy. In cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and other business stakeholders, SPIRIT Slovenia offers Slovenian companies effective and integrated support for the development and promotion in Slovenia as well as in the global competitive market. Furthermore, it fulfills its mission by integrating knowledge and competencies in all key areas of the economy, with the aim to increase added value, create quality posts and long-term competitiveness.

One of the priorities of the public agency is to attract foreign direct investors, mainly those related to the activities that generate higher added value, into our country. SPIRIT Slovenia supports the existing foreign investors in their future growth and development in the Slovenian business environment. The public agency has developed an innovative Business Development of Companies with Foreign Capital programme for outstanding companies, based on entrepreneurial approach.


Champion. A person with great intelligence and sensitivity. Artist. Beauty. Gladiator. Ski genius. All this and much more is Tina Maze.

In an interview with journalist Simon Vadnjal, the most successful Slovenian athlete of all time will reveal how many tough nuts she had to crack - what kind of life challenges and obstacles she had to wisely and thoughtfully solve - in order to achieve the goals set and reach peak performance. To reach the top of Mount Olympus and the world. The interlocutors will playfully crack tough nuts in the story, for which Tina says in her biography “JAZ.TINA.”: "The story never repeats itself. It changes like we do. If you were the winner yesterday, there is no guarantee that you will be the winner tomorrow. Everything needs to be done all over again." New and tougher nuts have to be cracked.


Investigative reporter, curious journalist, musician in a band CoverLover

A man of many interests and talents, who has already left his mark in Slovenian media space. For a number of years he has been one of the co-creators of TV format Prava ideja, broadcast on National TV and has presented the most interesting and successful business ideas in the local environment. He is inspired by interesting individuals and their unique stories.


Direktorica javne agencije SPIRIT Slovenija

The award ceremony for the best foreign investors in Slovenia is one of the most important business events in the country. The existing foreign investors are extremely important for Slovenia, because you have brought excellence, advanced technologies and rich experience to our country. You proudly present Slovenian advantages e.g. our superior knowledge, high efficiency and reliability in your home countries. We gratefully acknowledge your role as ambassadors abroad. And in return, Slovenia will always strengthen the future viability of your business with its development orientation.

Zdravko Počivalšek KEYNOTE SPEAKER
of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia

Minister of Economic Development and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia

"Foreign investors are eloquent proof that Slovenia has attributes that make it a location, where business and success live in harmony. I am pleased to say that your remarkable business achievements show that you have recognized these attributes, from skilled and educated workforce to competitive corporate income tax and tax reliefs as well as the natural beauty of the country.”


Murat & Jose, slovenski raperski duo


Murat & Jose, Slovenian rap duo. Authors and songwriters who are considered to be one of the most successful and widely known names in the Slovenian hip hop scene.

Their texts do not contain any provocations or swear words, as they draw attention to irregularities with a positive, humorous and metaphorically rich approach. With their work, they have placed Slovenian hip hop at a higher artistic level. In 2009, they became official ambassadors of the Council of Europe and the Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Nationalities. They have also performed together with DJ JAMirko since 2012.

DJ JAMirko

As a musician, DJ and producer, JAMirko has made a tremendous contribution to the promotion of urban club culture in his 25-year musical career by exploring new sounds and different musical approaches. He has been present in the music world from a young age on. JAMirko cames from a musical family. He began playing the violin at the age of five. As an Academy of Music graduate he co-created in the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra from 1995 to 2000. He regularly performs in clubs across Slovenia and Europe and is one of the most established names on the Slovenian club music scene.

Mirko Vičentič Polič, pod umetniškim imenom JAMirko

THE NUTCRACKER as never seen before

The dance group composed of top Slovenian professional dancers.

The dance group will prepare a choreography based on the world famous ballet The Nutcracker by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky for the award ceremony. The ballet that fills ballet halls around the world especially at the end of the year, in November and December. At the beginning, the contemporary dance spectacle will remain faithful to the original and later turn into a modern, powerful and magical dance.


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