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Slovenia’s top exporters in 2023
Motorhomes are among Slovenia's top exporting products. / Photo: Adria Mobil

Slovenia has one of the most export-oriented economies in Europe. A list of the nation’s best exporters reveals which companies contribute the most.

In mid-September the business daily Finance unveiled its compilation of Slovenia’s top performing export companies. Leading the pack are two pharmaceutical companies, Krka, and Lek, each with close to 1.5 billion Euros of revenue generated outside Slovenia. These two companies also posted excellent financial results. This ranking doesn't prioritise companies solely based on the volume of their exports; instead, it focuses on their overall financial prowess.

According to the data provided by the newspaper, home appliances manufacturer Gorenje, secured the position of largest exporter, coming in third on the list. In 2022, this company, which is under the ownership of the Chinese Hisense group, generated 2.1 billion euros internationally.

The list encompasses a diverse array of manufacturing sectors. Metal processing companies, including SIJ’s (Slovenian Steel Industry group) Acroni, Metal Ravne, Impol, LTH Castings, and Talum, are among the top 25 exporters (see also the article on the metal industry in this edition of the e-newsletter). The automotive industry is also well-represented, with Renault's Revoz plant, and various automotive component producers such as Mahle Electric Drives, Hella Saturnus, Odelo Slovenia, TPV Automotive, and Cimos securing spots on the list. Akrapovič, a narrowly specialized niche leader in high-end motorcycle and sports car exhaust systems, stands out, surpassing many larger and more established Slovenian industrial firms. Not to be left behind, the motorhome manufacturing sector also makes a strong showing, with Adria Mobil ranking ninth and the Slovenian subsidiary of German luxury motorhome maker Carthago securing the 31st position. Other key industries featured on the list include the chemical sector, with Cinkarna Celje and Helios TBLUS, the electronics industry represented by Iskra, Elrad Electronics, and Iskraemeco, as well as high-tech companies like Dewesoft and Fotona. In the services sector, Luka Koper, the operator of the Port of Koper, claimed the fourth spot, generating over 200 million euros internationally. The newspaper also selects The Exporter of the Year: this year’s title went to innovative glassworks Steklarna Hrastnik (see also the article on circular economy in this edition of e-newsletter).

Slovenia stands out as one of the world's most export-oriented economies, with Eurostat data revealing that exports of goods and services account for 94 percent of the nation's GDP—a figure that few European nations can surpass. The United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) ranks Slovenia 8th globally in terms of manufacturing exports per capita and 12th on the UNIDO Industrial Export Quality Index, thanks to its substantial involvement in medium and high-tech activities. The companies featured in Finance's list undeniably serve as the bedrock of the national economy.

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