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Business news in Slovenia

Wages down in January

Ljubljana, 22 March (STA) - The average Slovenian wage totalled EUR 2,318 gross or EUR 1,477 net in January, down slightly from the month before but up from January 2023, data from the Statistics Office shows.

In nominal terms the average gross pay in January was 1.3% lower than in December 2023, while in real terms it decreased by 0.7%.

The average net pay in January was down 3.4% from the month before in nominal terms and by 2.8% in real terms.

In annual comparison, the average gross pay grew by 8.1% in nominal terms and 4.6% in real terms. The average net pay was up 5.6% in nominal terms and 2.2% in real terms year-on-year.

In the public sector the average gross wage in January decreased by 3.7% to EUR 2,589 and in the general government sector by 2.6% to EUR 2,592. In the private sector it stayed level at EUR 2,196.

The average net pay dropped 5% in the public sector to EUR 1,640 and 3.6% in the general government sector to EUR 1,643. In the private sector the pay decreased by 2.6% to EUR 1,404.

Despite recording the largest decrease in wages from December 2023, one of 8.2%, the energy, gas and steam supply sector still had the highest average gross wage in January at EUR 3,319. Average gross wages were the lowest in catering at EUR 1,653.

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